The Keeter Center for Character Education

Three students sit together and smile for the cameraThe purpose of The Keeter Center for Character Education is to provide programs and activities which enhance the development of character and good citizenship.

In so doing, the Center reflects the principle upon which College of the Ozarks was established--that character in young people is best developed from an education which includes the head, the heart, and the hands.

The Keeter Center for Character Education was endowed by a gift from the James P. Keeter family of Atlanta, Georgia, in honor of Mr. Keeter's parents, Vester and Ruby Keeter of Bradleyville, Missouri.

Goals of The Keeter Center for Character Education

  1. Relationship to College of the OzarksTo reflect the College's five-fold mission emphasizing academic, Christian, vocational, cultural, and patriotic growth, and to provide society with productive, responsible citizens.
  2. To promote basic Christian values such as honesty, respect for and service to others, good citizenship, generosity, honor, courage, sound use of time and talents, and the work ethic.
  3. To serve as a resource for administrators, teachers, and parents as they seek to fulfill their responsibilities as partners in the character-building process.
  4. To publish information about and foster interest in character education.
  5. To serve as a model for others who have the desire to establish similar centers.

The Keeter Center is an integral part of the total program at College of the Ozarks.

Called "Hard Work U." by The Wall Street Journal, this unusual American college provides a liberal arts education to deserving young people who pay no tuition; rather, they work to defray the cost of education.  The balance is covered by scholarships and grants.

The work ethic--an education of the hands--is integrated into its operating philosophy and complements a solid liberal arts-based academic program--the head--within a strong Christian tradition--the heart. Debt is openly discouraged at College of the Ozarks--the College does not participate in any federal or state student loan programs.

The Keeter Report

The Keeter Report has become a section in the College’s quarterly publication the Ozark Visitor. Please click here to read the Ozark Visitor online or to register to receive a copy by mail.

S. Truett Cathy Poverty Summit

Four women at the S. Truett Cathy Poverty Summit pose with each other and smileThe Poverty Summit provides programming for teachers, ministry leaders, church staff members, and government officials who want to be more effective in helping struggling individuals by revealing the "hidden rules" of class and by providing practical tools for reaching those in need.  The Summit is named in honor of Mr. Truett Cathy, who was the founder of Chick-fil-A and friend of College of the Ozarks.


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