Edwards Mill & General Store
Edwards Mill & General Store

Guest Destinations

There are many sights to see while visiting The Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks. Experience the College's five fold mission through a memorable trip into the daily campus life that our student's work to cultivate.

Guest Destinations

Edwards Mill & General Store

Edwards Mill & General Store

Edwards Mill & General Store, built with funds provided by the late Mr. and Mrs. Hubert C. Edwards, is a turn-of-the-century grist mill. Student workers grind corn and mix other specialty milled goods, available for purchase inside the building.  Upstairs is a weaving studio, where students hand-weave baskets of various shapes and sizes. 

Student holding handcraft stained glass creation

Stained Glass & Candle Shop

The Stained Glass & Candle Shop, located next to Edwards Mill & General Store, is a wonderful farmhouse chic venue where students handcraft stained glass creations and candles. The building consists of eight workstations for stained glass, two workstations for candle making, and a gift shop for guests to purchase student-made products. 

Student bottle feeding calf

W. Alton Jones College Dairy

The W. Alton Jones College Dairy raises Holstein, Ayrshire, and Jersey cows. The College institutes a “farm to fork” experience, by which the milk attained from the farm is processed and bottled by students, then distributed to the on-campus consumers, such as The Keeter Center and Pearl Rogers Dining Center. Through the entire process of development, students work to make the complete product: rich milk used in the production of delicious beverages and home-made ice cream, for sale in Nettie Marie’s College Creamery.

Student holding beautiful potted plant

The Hoge Greenhouses

The Hoge Greenhouses, located east of Edwards Mill, are home to the Clint McDade Orchid Collection. Mr. McDade, one of The School's first students, donated the nucleus of the collection, which today numbers more than 2,000 plants.Various seasonal plants are for sale at the public greenhouses.

The Beverly Hillbillies truck

Ralph Foster Museum

The Ralph Foster Museum is dedicated to the history of the Ozarks region.  Named in honor of the late Ralph D. Foster, a radio pioneer and philanthropist, the museum houses thousands of artifacts representing archaeology, history, firearms, antiques, numismatics, natural history, fine arts, geology and mineralogy.  A small admission fee is charged for adults. Those ages 18 and under are admitted free. 

Antique Tractor

Gaetz Tractor Museum

The Gaetz Tractor Museum features a variety of antique tractors and farm equipment. Noteworthy items to check out include a gray Wallis from 1918 and a reaper produced in 1910.